Controversial they may be, but with 1.1m e-bikes sold in Europe in 2014, they are hard to ignore.

In association with shuangye we’re going to guide you through the process of buying an electric mountain bike, all the way from explaining what they do and don’t do, through to recommending specific bikes.

Electric mountain bikes

double crown fork suspension cobra freestyle bike

Mountain bikers love to moan. If we’re not complaining about the advancing tide of new standards, then we are bitching about never having enough time to ride our soon-to-be-out-of-date bikes. Talk about First World problems!

And with the rapid pace of current tyre and wheel size development, the discussion about standards is unlikely to abate any time soon.

What if, however, there was a First World solution that enabled you to ride more? We’re not talking about stretching the space-time continuum, knocking off early from work or making mountain bike orphans of your children every weekend… even if the solution is just as socially unacceptable to some. No, we’re talking about electric mountain bikes!


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